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The Sorbum group of companies was founded in 1998 as a Lithuanian company. In 2008 it expanded into Latvia and further expanded its services to Estonia in 2010. In the years since its founding, a solid enterprice has formed and currently includes nine companies with services related to shopper marketing. Sorbum’s many years of experience in the Baltic markets, its team of competent field experts and cooperation with organizations such as ECR Baltic and the Combera Group provide the Sorbum Group with a unique opportunity to render only the highest quality services to its clients.


I am responsible for the Sorbum company results in Estonia. The work in the Sorbum company is the same fast and fun as in daily life. So my life is closely related to speed and fun – my passion for motorsports.
Rolandas Jesevičius
Business Manager in Estonia
Video games and football give me a boost, while the victory of my favourite team Manchester United inspires me for achieving good results at work with my team of merchandisers in Northern Estonia.
Vladimir Nasirov
Karin Jürisalu_01
Karin Jürisalu_02
I am responsible that our clients creative ideas get well executed. Overall I love everything that is fun, makes me feel happy and offer positive and bright experiences and same applies to my work. So far it has never been boring! Project managers position requires creative thinking and productive approach, so I charge myself with creative after work activities like photography, painting, drawing and crafts. Since I am very energetic and adventurous I love to travel and discovering new places. I have visited about 20 countries and my pocket list includes round the world travel. Some day!
Karin Jürisalu
Project Manager
I am helping Sorbum to succeed and develop in Estonia. Mixing music helps me to connect new ideas in one big result.
Siim Tammesalu
Member of the board

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