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The Sorbum group of companies was founded in 1998 as a Lithuanian company. In 2008 it expanded into Latvia and further expanded its services to Estonia in 2010. In the years since its founding, a solid enterprice has formed and currently includes nine companies with services related to shopper marketing. Sorbum’s many years of experience in the Baltic markets, its team of competent field experts and cooperation with organizations such as ECR Baltic and the Combera Group provide the Sorbum Group with a unique opportunity to render only the highest quality services to its clients.



A good leader, just like a good basketball coach, is the one who can arrange the entire mechanism so as to achieve the best result. You do not need a team of stars, you need a star team.
Giedrius Oliškevičius
General Manager
The responsibility for the operations of the marketing team in the Baltics requires searching for new ideas and solutions, insights and opportunities. Passion for books and travel help in expanding my horizons.
Beata Jakienė
Marketing Manager Baltic States
Attentiveness and proper insight are the key to success when you direct over 150 employees of the sales department. Photography as a hobby is a wonderful tool to develop such competences.
Jonas Nostis
Sales Department Director
My weapon is my desire to work. The possibility to communicate with different people, to create and implement successful marketing projects is a great joy, which is based on my family, because only a happy person can create something.
Jolita Skučienė
Marketing Department Manager
Sincerity, friendship and persistence are my daily work principles for the development and implementation of marketing projects. After all, the results are like flowers: They cannot grow without the love and care.
Rasa Bieliauskaitė
Project Manager
When communicating with customers I understand that we cannot be humans without other people. Self-confidence, desire, skills and humor lead to success. I believe that if you think you will succeed it means you are already succeeding.
Mindaugas Kubilius
Customer Service Manager
I am responsible for direct communication with customers. I like the risk and my motto is “everything you do needs to be done well, even if what you are doing is crazy.”
Rimvydas Poškaitis
Customer Service Manager
I am responsible for creative ideas and solutions as well as for their high-quality implementation. The work is like skiing: You need to get up after you fall and never give up.
Nerijus Augūnas
Creative Director
Logistics ensures the smooth operation of other departments. My family gives me the strength, while my job gives me the strength for the entire group of companies.
Valerij Voinič
Logistics Manager
To monitor and to analyze is not being in the sidelines, but being in the scene. Loving life, socializing with different people and inspiring music ensure good spirits and good work results.
Svetlana Dobrilko
Analysis Department Manager

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