Shopper marketing

Sorbum Group provides services to accompany a consumer through the purchasing process,
from forming the idea to make a purchase to the checkout process and beyond,
planting the idea of the next purchase.

Before Purchase

Understanding the buyer’s motives and conduct requires market research even before the buyer selects goods from the shelf. This research is used to collect and analyze behaviors and then for the development of a customized advertising campaign to identify the tools and unique strategies that will influance buyers’ decisions. Various unconventional advertising solutions, advertising outside the point of sale, mobile applications and the internet all affect the consumer even before the point of sale and leave a strong influence on the purchasing process. Sorbum Group has excellently mastered all of these measures to guarantee the best solution for you, the client.

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At the point of purchase

  • 70% of brand selections are made at stores
  • 68% of buying decisions are unplanned
  • 5% are loyal to the brand of one product group

While facts that influence consumers’ decisions to make a purchase at the point of sale speak for themselves, Sorbum Group’s years of experience perfectly position it to offer clients a number of uniquely effective tools to achieve their desired goals.

Point of sale displays help present goods in a more attractive way and improve visibility to the buyer. Point of sales materials (POSM) draw the attention of the buyer to the uniqueness of different special offers and the proposed benefits. Excellent forms of advertising and branding are reflected in the packaging design. Product placement, management of shelf inventory, correct and timely information as well as other influencing factors are all guaranteed by merchandising. Sorbum Group is experienced and can guide clients through sampling and product demonstrations which serve as effective tools to showcase product characteristics and offer an interaction between the client and buyer. The advantages of these interactions are the introduction of new products and immediate consumer feedback to the products. Lotteries, games and many other promotional activities attract attention and make a significant contribution to the buyer’s decision to purchase the goods represented by the Sorbum Group. Of course, data collection at the POS is of great importance and helps in making invaluable decisions to promote sales.

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After purchase

Once the consumer purchases a product, Sorbum Group continues to employ marketing tools that encourage return shopping.

Data processing and data analysis help to accurately arrange the priorities for the consumer’s next purchase cycle. The sheer number of data collected is used to determine high-quality insights and recommendations that facilitate the decision-making process for Sorbum Group’s clients’ future sales growth. Sorbum Group’s shopper database has been built step-by-step to both accurately predict buyer actions and properly influence those actions to achieve the client’s required results. The loyalty program has been carefully developed based on research, insights and recommendations and is one of the most effective tools. Time-tested practices and the trust of clients enable Sorbum Group to offer the highest quality services to its clients.

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