Production of stands

  • Advertising stands
  • Sales stands
  • Trade islands
  • Exhibition stands

The high-quality advertising stands produced by the SG production team are tailored to the needs of the client. We have an excellent knowledge of the specifics of retail chains and exhibitions, which means that our proposal are always competitive in both the choice of materiality and consideration of other technical details.


Production of signs

  • Advertising signs
  • Light boxes
  • Luminous and volumetric letters

Production of light boxes, advertising sings, volumetric letter signs, and signboards in various sizes and designs from materials of your choice. We also integrate LED lighting into said products.


Promotional stickers

  • Pasting of advertisements on cars
  • Pasting of advertisements on glass
  • Advertising tents
  • Advertising floor stickers

Advertising stickers is a popular marketing tool, which can be applied to any object – windows of stores and other buildings and cars, as well as used during events. Their applications are very diverse. SG Production will take care of the sticker’s layout, printing, pasting, and removal afterwards.


Organic glass products

We cut and bend plastic and organic glass of various thickness. Plastic and organic glass products are durable, usually resistant to UV rays. If you want to give the product a touch of luxury and solidity, we also recommend additional accessories from said materials


Print on canvas

Advertising carriers may be diversified by prints on canvas. These prints include photographs, illustrations, reproductive paintings, and other chosen images. The print on canvas is presented on a subframe, and we also adapt cables to ensure easy hang-up.


Interior details, business gifts

The individual souvenir solutions we offer are made of a wide range of materials. You give us a general idea, and what you are going to get in return is a creative solution, design, and production of unique souvenirs and interior details created just for you. Interior details or souvenirs made of organic glass or plywood will enliven the interior and bring a dose of charm to every house or office.


Production of POSM

  • Shelf stoppers
  • Wobblers
  • Price strips
  • A4 promotional visuals
  • Promotional flyers Non-standard singling out of a regular point of sale

Creating a product is one thing, but it needs to present itself to the buyer at the points of sale. The SG Production employees have experience and know how POSM can achieve just that and what it needs to look like to attract the attention of buyers.


Milling services

  • Milling of organic glass
  • Milling of plastic
  • Milling of plywood
  • Milling of MDF boards
  • Milling of wood
  • Milling of aluminum composite panels
  • Milling of linoleum
  • Milling of foamed polystyrene

Extremely high quality milling services are performed using Mecanumeric milling machines made in 2019. The competitive milling prices we offer depend on the thickness of the material to be milled, the complexity of the milling, and the quantity.


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