Supervision of product orders

  • Coordination of promotional and regular product orders with the responsible personnel

Supervision of product orders is carried out in compliance with the data of the point of sale and the chain’s applicable rules. Together with the responsible person, we form an order based on the sales history to fill the space provided on a regular shelf as well the spaces of purchased additional displays, thus ensuring that the stock is sufficient until the next delivery.


Physical arrangement of goods on shelves

  • Removal of goods from the warehouse
  • Physical loading of goods at the regular points of sale
  • Loading of goods at the spots of secondary displays

Our professional merchandisers, with the help of the sales staff, ensure that the client’s goods reach the shelves.


Execution of campaigns

  • Inspection of promotional prices
  • Change of promotional price labels (in coordination with the responsible employee of the shopping center)
  • Delivery, putting up/taking down of POSM at the points of sale
  • Installation/loading and maintenance of promotional stands during promotional campaigns

Our expeditious merchandisers ensure that the promotional price labels are replaced in time while additional displays are filled with goods; we also put up POSM at the points of sale.


Ensuring quality and professional arrangement of products at the point of sale

  • Inspection of the official planograms
  • Implementation of the official planograms
  • Identification of non-compliances with the official planograms
  • Implementation of the internal planograms in accordance with  the agreed client`s layout

Our large team of merchandisers represents the manufacturer’s interests at the point of sale. By partnering with Sorbum, you will be sure that your products have their own manager at the points of sale.


Collection, processing, and submission of information from the point of sale

  • Inspection of the client’s regular and promotional prices at the shopping centers
  • Information about novelties on the FMCG market
  • Collection of information about additional displays at the shopping centers (points of sale)
  • Collection of information about competitors

Accurate and timely information collected from points of sale is an expensive and highly valuable tool in the analysis and planning activities on the market. Each of our merchandisers is the client’s eyes and ears at the points of sale.


Audit of the point of sale and assortment assurance

  • Assortment inspection and assurance at the stores
  • Inspection of residual stocks (reality vs system)
  • OOS report + photo
  • Registration of undelivered goods
  • Various audits (as required)

Following  the information provided, we ensure that the assortment ends up at the positions provided for by the client at the points of sale. We notify of discrepancies in an agreed, mutually convenient manner.



  • Report and data analysis
  • Processing of report of additional displays (1-month, 1-weak, etc.)

At our work, we use a specialized merchandising application AFS, which allows us to provide the client with detailed data in a very short time. The data is provided according to the individual needs of each client.


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