Development and implementation of promotional campaigns

  • Creative idea
  • Communication channels
  • Communication means at the point of sale and OOH
  • Visual solution
  • Implementation
  • Analysis of the results and insights

We treat our client’s brands as our own! We listen carefully to the aims set forward by the client in order to be able to propose an aptly chosen idea, having analyzed the situation on the market. We always strive to keep them relevant, add value to the product and encourage the consumer to buy. Sorbum designs promotional campaigns from A to Z: we generate creative ideas, plan communication channels and means for the point of sale (POSM), develop visualizations, and fully implement the campaign, as well as carry out an analysis upon its completion.


Ideas for decoration of points of sale:  development of concepts, designs, and implementation

  • Concepts of design of the point of sale
  • Adaptation of design concepts to different positions
  • Installation

We know that the consumer is motivated by an aesthetic, conceptual presentation of a product at the point of sale. Sorbum’s creative team has a great deal of experience and knows how to present products at points of sale in a professional fashion. Our project managers and designers are well-versed in the specifics of retail chains, which allows them to combine the idea and practicality of product positioning in the design of decorations of the point of sale.


Work of the promo team

  • Product tastings at the points of sale, events, and non-traditional venues
  • Product presentations at the points of sale, events, and non-traditional venues
  • Sampling at the points of sale, events, and various non-traditional venues

When a buyer is considering purchasing a product, they are motivated by additional information about the item. In order for that information to reach the customers, our professional project managers choose the best time and the best place to achieve the client’s goals. The project coordinators then choose the best team of promoters to present the goods to the prospective buyers.


Development, organization, and implementation of promotional activities

  • Cross-category projects
  • Promotional campaigns (draws) at the points of sale
  • Work with influencers

Every brand wants to draw the attention of buyers and stand out from the competition at points of sale. Based on the experience, information being constantly collected, and analysis, Sorbum project managers provide insights and specific and individual action plans for achieving the client’s aims.


Services of design of POSM and packaging

  • Shelf stoppers
  • Wobblers
  • Price strips
  • A4 promotional visuals
  • Promotional flyers
  • Non-standard singling out of a regular point of sale
  • Advertising stands/secondary displays
  • Pop-up store
  • Services of packaging design

Sales are greatly affected by promotional merchandise at the stores. Even an excellent idea can go unnoticed and unheard if the message presented at the points of sale does not attract attention. Aptly selected and designed POSM is a powerful tool for increasing sales. It’s also a great way to present your products in an attractive and inventive manner.


Market research

  • Secret buyer
  • Qualitative consumer research
  • Quantitative market research

Effective and targeted marketing decisions are born only out of knowledge of the situation on the market and the position of one’s product within it.  The Sorbum team can conduct surveys of potential customers for you, draw a clear portrait of them, learn their habits and needs.

Organization of events

  • Organization of the company’s events
  • Integration into sports events
  • Integrations at city celebrations
  • Integrations at musical and TV projects
  • Promotional campaigns at public spaces

Integrations at relevant large-scale events is a targeted marketing tool. The Sorbum project managers provide the optimum option of event integration, which allows reaching as large a targeted audience as possible.


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